Bucks big winner Ioannis

Bucks big winner Ioannis – Atokunkumbo scored 27 points and nine rebounds and seven assists and two steals and 2 blocked shots; Chris – Middleton three-point shot 4 5, shot 17 points and 4 Rebound; Eric Bledsoe sent 15 points Artem Anisimov Adidas Jersey, 7 rebounds and 4 assists; John Henson scored 17 points Ville Pokka Adidas Jersey, 8 rebounds and 3 assists and 2 blocked shots; Malcolm Brigden contributed to the bench 10 points; Thorne Meck and Germany Andre – Li Jinx each scored 6 points. Vichy State 81-63 victory over Charleston, they set up 25 points in the first half advantage, dominant, but after the game Vikirta coach Greg – Marshall still criticized the team’s second half performance David Kampf Adidas Jersey. “We were 33 points ahead with 9:06 left and we were hit by a 26-11 opponent in the last 9 minutes and we were terrible in the last 9 minutes,” Marshall said. It started with the Cavaliers’ victory over the Dallas Mavericks two days ago when James first praised Dallas rookie Dennis Smith for his performance and later mentioned that Knicks should choose Dennis Smith at this year’s NBA draft instead of the others . The fact is that the New York Knicks signed Frank Nilkina on the 8th at this year’s draft and Dennis Smith was picked by the Dallas Mavericks in the 9th overall pick Matt Tomkins Adidas Jersey.

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